Obsession Boat Charter DIVING 

Diving from the North Devon Coast & Lundy Island 
Our main dive area is at Lundy island which, in 1986, was made a statutory marine nature reserve. The island lies at the mouth of the Bristol Channel where the cool, clear, oceanic waters from the Gulf Stream mix with the clear, but warmer, waters from the Mediterranean. 
Our spacious boats have room for 12 divers to kit up at once, with ample space to store all the diving gear. There is a side gate on the boat for easy entry and a lift or ladder, making re-boarding hassle-free. We have a safety boat/stand by vessel in case of an emergency. 
The 20-mile passage to the Island takes about 1 hour, so sit back and watch out for the dolphins, porpoises and seals etc. 
Your tanks can be filled on the island or at Ilfracombe BSAC. Please note that you will need to bring two tanks with you. 
There are over 40 dive sites around the island with a mix of wrecks, reefs, drop off, and pinnacles. You can also dive with the seals which are extremely friendly. If you wish, you can take part in a night dive to view the sea-life after dark. 

Obsession Boat Charter SAFETY 

The weather around Lundy can change quickly, so all divers should be appropriately trained, qualified, and experienced. You must carry an SMB. 
The safety of our customers is paramount to us, all skippers and crew are first aid trained and have attended the dive accident res-ponder course at DDRC Plymouth. 
We have room for wheelchairs on our boats for those that have mobility issues on dry land. Trips are planned around the tides and with this in mind some days may have an early start. Both of our boats are fully coded for 60 miles from any nominated point of departure so, rest assured, you will be safe with us. 
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